Truck Lift Kits

Why get a Lift Kit?

Installing a Truck Lift Kit on your vehicle not only enhances its looks, making it look more rugged, but by also improving the off-road performance,  Additionally, it enables the fitting of larger tires.

Truck Lift Kit, Lift Kits, Metroplex Wheels & Tires

Types of Lift Kits

Truck Lift Kit:  A popular choice for off-road enthusiasts, offering increased ground clearance and room for larger tires, enhancing both performance and aesthetics.

  1. Small Lift Kits (1″ to 2″):

    • These kits typically include spacers or add-a-leafs for a slight increase in height.
    • Ideal for a subtle lift that allows for slightly larger tires and minimal impact on vehicle handling and ride quality.
  2. Moderate Lift Kits (2″ to 4″):

    • Often involve replacement of more suspension components, such as shocks, springs, and control arms.
    • Provide a noticeable increase in ground clearance and off-road capability while maintaining a relatively stock ride quality.
  3. Large Lift Kits (4″ to 6″):

    • These kits may include new struts, springs, shock absorbers U bolts, spindles, skid plates, cross members, 
    • Significantly improve off-road performance and allow for much larger tires. They can also have a dramatic impact on the truck’s appearance.
  4. Extreme Lift Kits (6″ and above):

    • Designed for serious off-road enthusiasts or show vehicles, these kits can completely transform the truck’s suspension system.
    • Often require extensive modifications, including new axles, gears, and possibly custom fabrication work.
    • Allow for very large tires and provide maximum ground clearance.

Brands We Carry

Truck Lift Kit, Lift Kits, Metroplex Wheels & Tires

Any Level Lift Kit : Any Level Lift offers cutting-edge adjustable suspension systems that allow truck owners the unparalleled flexibility to modify their vehicle’s height on-the-fly for various terrains and purposes. This innovative solution ensures optimal performance and aesthetics, whether for off-road adventures or smooth highway cruising.

Rough Country : If you are looking for an affordable, and durable Truck Lift Kit, Rough Country is it! off-road accessories for trucks, SUVs, and Jeeps.

BDS Lift Kit : Looking for a premium Truck Lift? BDS Suspension excels in high-quality suspension products, ensuring your vehicle achieves superior performance and durability.

Ready Lift : Specializing in economical yet innovative suspension products, Ready Lift provides a median solution for those seeking a quality Truck Lift Kit without breaking the bank.

Pro Comp : Pro Comp offers high-quality, durable products including Truck Lift Kits, tires, wheels, suspensions, shocks.

Mcgaughy : Are you one of the “BIG 3” (Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford) looking for a Truck Lift Kit. Focused on lifting, Mcgaughy manufactures components for most 1500, 2500, and 3500 trucks and SUVs, proudly made in the USA, for those looking to elevate their ride.

How much does a Lift Kit Cost?

Firstly, A truck lift comes in a range of prices, depending on size and type, alongside other factors. As you go up in inches, more parts are required, therefore increasing the price. Most Importantly, for exact pricing, reach out to one of our specialists by calling or simply requesting a quote.